ABRISH INTERNATIONAL® is the worldwide leader in high performance in exporting goods and active lifestyle garments. We especially debatable in all types of leather & cotton brands e.g. Leather & cotton Pants, Lederhosen, Dirndl, Shirts, T-Shirts, Vest, Blouses, Purses, Belts, Coats, Shoes and assorted brands. Which are manufactured from the finest materials available and designed for Maximum comfort, easy care, durability, and Values.


               Working with ABRISH INTERNATIONAL® allows you to enjoy the great flexibility of working directly with a factory while enjoying a reliable and professional service at the same time. Flexibility as we are able to give you total freedom over the design and personalization of your order. Professionalism as we have been following customized orders for over 3 Decades and offer advices and solutions to our client’s needs.


              Reliability as we ensure that your instructions are executed down to the smallest details. For better efficiency, we have separated the tasks of our teams so that each office focuses only one part of the process.


              Our marketing office keeps permanent contact with you, follow up your project and ensure smooth communication with you. Our quality controllers focus on products quality throughout the production process. Overall, we try our best to fulfill the expectations of our clients.



Mission & Vision:


"To be the global leaders in the travel production business. To manufacture and provide travel utilities which are of high eminence, innovative and unique and enlighten our consumers to the joys of travelling."





A well-developed infrastructure is the back bone of our company. We have substantially invested in manufacturing facilities and technology for the curing, soaking, de-hairing, tanning, splitting, sorting, dyeing, drying, and finishing of the leather. In addition, we periodically inspect the machinery and review technology so that there is no interruption in conducting the operations.



Why US?

Here are some of the factors that testify why we are distinguished amongst our counterparts:


  1. We are faithful entity following the criteria and standards of quality specified by the authoritative bodies.
  2. We are one-stop destination to get world-class Genuine Leather Products.
  3. The mantra of our success lies in consistency in quality, positive feedback of clients and timely deliveries of the products.
  4. With the resoluteness to maintain long lasting relationship with buyers, we undertake bulk orders and provide satisfactory customized solutions.



 So, join us and make sweet partnership with us. That’ll be highly beneficial to both our companies.